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What are ebooks? List of ebook publishers

Ebooks (electronic books, e-books, eBooks) are books published as electronic files, not printed books. To read them you need some device such as a a computer, a handheld ebook reader, or a mobile phone. Notable devices/formats (as of 2009-Aug) include Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader.
- List of ebook reading devices.
- List of ebook formats (file types).

While a print novel is usually over 70,000 words, ebooks can be any length. Ebook novellas of 30,000-40,000 words are common, and I've seen some under 20,000. Sales of an ebook will typically be small: tens or hundreds of copies. For this reason, companies that publish ebooks only with no print version need to release new titles every week to stay in business. As a result, ebook-only publishers accept a much higher percentage of the work submitted to them than print publishers do. Today (2009-Aug), many big print publishers put out ebook versions of their print novels.

Short Stories

Some magazines print original short stories. Some magazines and anthologies choose short stories through competitions. Many competitions have a fee to enter.'s database of magazines.'s database of competitions.'s listing of competitions by month.

Suite101 - Factual articles on a wide variety of topics.
Dark Tales - British horror magazine with a monthly competition for short stories. First prize 100. Entry free to subscribers, otherwise 3.
Dark Moon Anthology contests. Subjects so far (2009-Oct): zombies, monsters. Publisher is Dark Moon horror novel publisher.
Futures Mystery Anthology - Open to submissions annually Aug-15 to Oct-29. Prefer entries 5000-15000 words. Publisher is Twilight Times, which says (2009-Oct) it will give preference in novel publishing to authors published here.
Dark Discoveries Magazine - Open to submissions annually Oct-1 to Jun-1. Horror/dark fantasy and dark mystery, "original ideas and new twists on old Horror conventions... the darker side of the human condition". 500-5,000 words. Pay USD $0.05 per word.
Swimming Kangaroo - Open to submissions for short stories for Wading Pool. Pay 50% of gross receipts. Also Open to submissions annually Jul-15 to Aug-15 for stories under 1,000 words, for back of monthly newsletter. Pay $25.
Twilight Times Ezine - Open to submissions but when isn't clear. Fiction 1000-10000 words. Poetry. SF, dark/light fantasy, cross-genre and literary works. No horror, gore, violence, psycho-killer. Publisher is Twilight Times (see above).
Gumshoe Review short story submissions. Up to 1000 words. Mystery. Pay USD $0.05 per word.
Tasmaniac Publications' Festive Fear 2 - Open to submissions 2009-Oct-1 to 2010-Jun-30. This appears to be annual but the website doesn't say outright. Horror: the darker side of Christmas. 100-5,000 words. Pay $50 Australian.
Legend Press short story submissions. 7000-10000 words. Non-genre-specific, stream-of-consciousness, based on a journey, thought-provoking.