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What are ebooks? List of ebook publishers

Ebooks (electronic books, e-books, eBooks) are books published as electronic files, not printed books. To read them you need some device such as a a computer, a handheld ebook reader, or a mobile phone. Notable devices/formats (as of 2009-Aug) include Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader.
- List of ebook reading devices.
- List of ebook formats (file types).

While a print novel is usually over 70,000 words, ebooks can be any length. Ebook novellas of 30,000-40,000 words are common, and I've seen some under 20,000. Sales of an ebook will typically be small: tens or hundreds of copies. For this reason, companies that publish ebooks only with no print version need to release new titles every week to stay in business. As a result, ebook-only publishers accept a much higher percentage of the work submitted to them than print publishers do. Today (2009-Aug), many big print publishers put out ebook versions of their print novels.

Short Stories

Some magazines print original short stories. Some magazines and anthologies choose short stories through competitions. Many competitions have a fee to enter.

Fiction Factor's listing of fiction markets: SF, fantasy, horror.'s database of magazines.'s database of competitions.'s listing of competitions by month.

IR ("information retrieved") followed by a month indicates that the information following was retrieved in that month. Date information not preceded by IR indicates something else, such as a deadline or submission window.

Sirens Call. IR 2015-Nov. Horror ezine. Open to short story submissions about lost souls. 300-2500 words. Unpaid?
Clarkesworld. IR 2014-Oct. SF, Fantasy magazine. Open to short story submissions. 1K-8K words, 4K preferred. Pay USD $0.07-0.10 per word.
Asimov's SF. IR 2014-Oct. SF magazine. Open to short story submissions. 1K-20K words, no serialised novels. Pay USD $0.08-0.10 per word.
Daily Science Fiction. IR 2014-Oct. Open to short story submissions. Speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, slipstream. "Eager" for flash series of 3+ linked flash tales. 100-1500 words. Pay USD $0.08 per word.
Gumshoe Review. IR 2014-Oct. Submision guidelines written 2009-Jun. Open to short story submissions. Detective, mystery, noir. Up to 1K words. Pay USD $0.05 per word.
Dark Tales. IR 2014-Oct. British horror magazine. Competition for short stories, open to worldwide entries, deadline 2014-Oct-31. Up to 5K words. First prize GBP 100. Entry free (variable). No indication whether or not there will be further competitions after 2014-Oct.

Closed for submissions. The following websites are still up, but appear to no longer accept submissions. IR 2014-Oct: Futures Mystery,,,,,
Downed websites. The following websites no longer host publications. IR 2014-Oct: (Dark Moon),