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Maintained by Raymond Long. Disclaimer: any information on this website could be wrong.

This page lists publishers which claim they accept book submissions for publication directly from authors, rather than through agents. The date listed is when I read the claim. The claim might have been untrue when I read it, or things might have changed since then.

Publishers will take your submission and either accept or reject it. If they accept it, they publish and distribute it at their own expense, and pay the author royalties. Self-publishers (as used here) are websites that let you upload your own work, which will then be displayed for sale on the website. Generally you will put the works into format yourself and provide your own cover art. Many vanity presses, which print your book if you pay them, also call themselves self-publishers.

Most print publishers, and some ebook publishers, have lines with closely defined content type. There is little point submitting a book to such a publisher if the book doesn't fit one of its lines.

Larger print publishers: (may also publish ebooks)
Macmillan New Writing, an imprint of Pan Macmillan (London). Accepting submissions (2010-Feb). Novels for adults by authors who have not previously had a novel published (may have previous self-published or ebook publications). 60,000-130,000 words. Successful applicants will be contacted within 12 weeks. Royalty 20% of net receipts.
Tor Books and Forge Books, both imprints of Macmillan. Accepting submissions via Tom Doherty Associates, New York (2009-Oct). Paranormal romance, SF, fantasy, mysteries, thrillers, mainstream fiction, women's fiction, horror, general fiction of all types, children's, young adult. No electronic submissions. Expect to wait up to 6 months for reply.
DAW (Donald A Wollheim) (New York), an imprint of Penguin. Accepting submissions (2009-Oct). SF and fantasy novels, 80,000+ words. No electronic submissions. Expect to wait up to 3 months for reply.
Juno Books, a division of Simon and Schuster. Accepting submissions (2010-Feb). Must be fantasy with a strong female protagonist, set in our world (present or very near future) with supernatural elements added. 80,000-100,000 words. No techo-thrillers, suspense, crime, science fiction, action-adventure without an element of the fantastic. No young adult, teen, children's books. No novelettes, novellas, collections of stories, anthologies, or poetry.

Smaller print publishers: (may also publish ebooks)
Sirens Call. Accepting submissions (Nov-2015). Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery and Suspense. 20,000+ words.
Sam's Dot Publishing. Accepting submissions (2009-Oct). Publishes "a minimum of one to three" trade paperback novels per year (2009-Oct). SF, fantasy, horror, in that order of preference. 70,000-100,000 words.
Dark Moon Books, an imprint of Stony Meadow Publishing. Accepting submissions (2009-Aug). Horror only. "Novel length" only (no word limit stated), recommend 200-300 pages. Initial decision (on first 3 chapters) within 30 days. Royalties typically 25-30%. To my eye, seems to particularly focus on zombies.
Twenty First Century Publishers. Accepting submissions (2009-Oct). Appears to be British, though this is not stated. Submission guidelines state no genre preferences. Among the genre categories on the website are: financial thrillers, crime, psychological thrillers, historical fiction, military fiction. Absent are: SF, fantasy, horror.
EDGE Tesseract (Canada). Accepting submissions (2009-Oct). Wants: SF, fantasy, ideally 75,000-100,000 words. Doesn't want: young adult, horror, erotica, religious fiction, short stories, dark/gruesome fantasy, poetry.
Legend Press (London). Accepting submissions (2009-Oct). No non-fiction. Nothing "overly genre-specific", eg. crime, thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy or historical fiction.
Tease Publishing. Calls itself "quality women's fiction and literature". Accepting submissions (2009-Oct). Mainly print, also ebook. "We have less than 1% acceptance rate". Include marketing plan with initial approach. Looking for: contemporary, (erotic) romance, historical, horror (scary, not necesarily gory), paranormal, SF, suspense/thriller, short stories, non-fiction (read submissions page for more detail).
Wildside Press. Accepting submissions (2010-Feb) for Cosmos imprint. SF. Issues print books by print on demand, claims sales in range 1-5000 copies. Will consider re-printing old titles.
Swimming Kangaroo. Not accepting submissions until 2010-Jan (2009-Oct). Preferred genres mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, romance (either Soft & Sensual or Hot & Sizzling). No erotica, westerns, spiritual, self-enlightenment, great American novels, diet, cookbooks. Royalties 38%.
Elder Sign Press. Accepting submissions (2009-Oct). Publishes 8-10 books per year (2009-Oct). Ideally 80,000-90,000 words. ESP Books imprint: dark fantasy, dark fiction thrillers, horror, mystery, science fiction, supernatural thrillers. Dimension Books imprint: dark fantasy, dark fiction, dark science fiction, horror, Lovecraftian/cosmic horror.
Caelum Press. Accepting submissions (2009-Oct). Non-fiction: spritual, mysticism, the esoteric, Eastern thought and religion, new age, non-traditional Christianity. Memoir, autobiography, biography, and nonfiction related to music, film, literature, and other arts. Previously published books that can be updated are highly suitable. No poetry.

Ebook publishers with some print titles:
Renaissance E Books (REB), imprints Sizzler (erotic) and PageTurner (everything else). Accepting submissions (2012-Jul), preferably 30,000 words or more, though shorter works are published. REB makes a lot of effort to get books out into third-party resellers and news feeds.
Virtual Tales. Accepting submissions (2010-Feb). Books go first to ebook and eserial. Big sellers taken further to print. 30,000+ words. Submissions page states no genre preferences, but among genre categories on website are: action/adventure, fantasy, historical, horror, mystery & crime, peoples & cultures, romance, SF, suspense/thriller, westerns, YA/teen. No erotica, excessively violent, X-rated, alternative lifestyle, children's books. Include marketing plan with submission. Royalties: 50%.
Damnation Books. Accepting submissions (2009-Oct). 10,000-120,000 words. "Dark writing": horror, dark fantasy, thrillers, science fiction, erotica (in dark settings). Each book has a sex rating and a violence rating (1-5). Royalties "40% net". Publishing. (2009-Oct) open for submissions from 2009-Sep for 2011 publishing. 21,500+ words. No simultaneous submissions. Fiction and non-fiction. Submission guidelines list no genre preferences.
Mundania. (2009-Oct) open for submissions in Mar, Apr, Sep, Oct. Full with SF/fantasy until 2011. Looking for urban fantasy, paranormal romance, horror, and steampunk only. 30,000-120,000 words, ideally 80,000. Works below 60,000 words will be ebook only. Royalties (2009-Oct): ebooks "45% net", print "15% net".
Twilight Times Books, including Paladin Timeless Books. (2009-Oct) open for non-fiction submissions. (2009-Oct) open for fiction submissions annually Feb-15 to Mar-05 and Jul-15 to Aug-05. Especially fantasy, historical, literary, mystery/suspense, paranormal romance, science fiction, SF romance (more genres listed on submissions page). Particularly want authors who already know how to sell books. Initial print-runs for new authors typically 150-1500 copies. Preference given to authors previously published in the company's magazines: Futures Mystery Anthology, Twilight Times, Web Mystery.
Siren BookStrand, including Menage Amour. (2009-Oct) accepting submissions. Romance and erotic romance.
SynergEbooks. (2009-Oct) accepting submissions. Most genres of fiction, some poetry, and most genres of nonfiction. "We no longer accept work by Independent Authors - all authors need to sign a contract with SynergEbooks". Royalties (2009-Oct): ebooks 15-40%, paperbacks 15%.
Write Words Inc. Accepting submissions (2009-Oct). All genres, especially romance, mystery, non-fiction. No children's books.
Black Velvet Seductions. Accepting submissions (2009-Oct). Romance, from sweet to very hot erotic.
Champagne Books. Submissions closed (2009-Oct), check again in 2009-Dec. Wants novellas (around 25000 words), or novels (70,000-80,000). Mainly ebook but has branched into print. Accepts all genres, but particularly wants romance "higher end of steamy, while remaining tasteful". Also mentions horror, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and young adult. Prefers authors with a good marketing plan.
Dead End Street. An "integrated publishing and motion picture company" that "focuses on 'edutainment' - i.e., products that educate and entertain". Accepting submissions for books and screenplays (2008-Jan). Some books released only in print, others only ebook, others both.

Ebook publishers:
Writers Exchange (Australia). Accepting submissions (2009-Oct). Action/adventure/war, business/finance, Christian, fantasy, general fiction, historical, humour, mystery, parenting, self-help/how-to, westerns, writing advice. Romance (not gay): sweet to sensual but not erotica, particularly crossovers with vampire, werewolf and other paranormal.
Stonehedge. Accepting submissions (2009-Oct). Mainly erotica? Submissions should include "target demographic". Royalty on ebooks 50%.
Books for a Buck. Accepting submissions (2008-Mar). Wants romance, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, 50,000+ words. Pays 50% royalty, which is unusually high.
Asylett. Accepting submissions (2008-Mar). Wants most genres, and romance crossovers with these genres, 75000-150,000 words.
Amira Press. Accepting submissions (2008-Mar). Wants captive romance, interracial romance, sensual romance and erotica crossovers with SF, paranormal, fantasy, western. 15000+ words.
Carnal Desires, the erotic ebook imprint of Double Dragon. Accepting submissions "urgently" (2008-Jan). Erotic romance combined with science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, historical fiction, action/adventure, mystery/suspense. 20,000-90,000 words.
Harlequin. Accepting submissions (2008-Jan). Romance for women.
eXtasy Books. Accepting submissions (2008-Jan). Erotica, much of it cross-genre with SF, fantasy. 16000+ words.
Changeling Press. Accepting submissions (2008-Jan). "Hot love stories" in SF, futuristic, paranormal, fantasy, suspense, horror, and humour, BDSM, and fetish.
Fiction 4 All (UK). Accepting submissions (2008-Feb). Most genres of fiction and non-fiction. 10,000-40,000 words or 60,000+ words. Also a self-publisher.

Print and ebook self-publishers:
Lulu. Accepting submissions (2007).
Cafe Press. Accepting submissions (2007).

Ebook only self-publishers:
Amazon Kindle. Accepting submissions (2010-Jul). Books are published on Amazon USA without editing or censorship, and can be dowloaded worldwide.
Smashwords. Accepting submissions (2010-Jul). Claims (2010-Jul) that books self-published on Smashwords are put onto Apple iPad iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo (formerly Shortcovers), and will soon (2010-Jul) also go onto Amazon.
Laurie J Books. Accepting submissions (2008-Jan).
Fiction 4 All (UK). Accepting submissions (2009-Oct).
A1 Adult Ebooks (UK). Accepting submissions (2008-Jan). Adult arm of Fiction4All.
Ebook Mall. Accepting submissions for listing fee (2006-Sep).
Clickbank. Accepting submissions for listing fee (2006).